In the Forestry Industry

CAB assisted backline

Teleoperation of a backline excavator. 

The CAB system has been designed to allow the hauler operator to move
the backline machine remotely from the cab of the hauler.

The system allows dual mode operation, requires installation of pilot hydraulics,
cameras, and full-size controls in the hauler cab or elsewhere.

CAB Specifications:

  • Industry ready Low latency cameras and video link
  • High-definition LCD display
  • Full-size joysticks
  • Video interrupt warning system

High Quality Design

Designed with safety and productivity in mind.

Unmanned CAB backline excavator

How CAB backline assist works

Screen with multi views from backline excavator

Full-size joysticks for excavator mounted in hauler cab

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through the use of teleoperation and vision systems.
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