In the Forestry Industry

Teleoperated Anchor Machine

Teleoperation of a mobile tail hold machine. 

The TAM system has been designed to allow the hauler operator to move
the mobile tail hold machine remotely from the cab of the hauler.

The advantages are:

  • The worker who would operate the tail hold machine is freed to do other tasks
  • No worker is required to be in the area around the tail hold machine
  • Travel to and from the tail hold machine is reduced.

TAM details:

  • Once the TAM system has been installed, the machine can be operated either from the hauler or from the cab of the tail hold machine.
  • An electrically actuated pilot hydraulic valve block will be installed on the tail hold machine (unless the pilot hydraulics are already electrically actuated).
  • All necessary machine functions can be controlled from the hauler.
  • Full-size joysticks are used with proportional thumb levers to control the tracks.
  • Low latency video and audio are very important to achieve productive remote operation.

Purpose Designed and Built

Designed with safety and productivity in mind.

Unmanned TAM tail hold machine

How TAM system works

Screen with multi views from cameras on the tail hold machine

Full-size joysticks for excavator mounted in hauler cab

ATL was created to improve safety and productivity in the forestry industry
through the use of teleoperation and vision systems.
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