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Hauler Vision System

The CutoverCam hauler vision system is designed to improve
the productivity and safety of cable-logging operations.

The CutoverCam is a remote controlled camera system that provides a spotter’s view of the cutover to the hauler operator.   The CutoverCam can be used when grappling or when using chokers.


  • Improved vision results in improved productivity
  • No need for a spotter
  • Reduce the risk of hang-ups and breakage that would be more likely to occur if the hauler operator were working blind
  • Breaker out safety is greatly improved when the hauler operator can see and respond instantly to problems in the breakout area.

CutoverCam Specifications:

  • Joystick control of pan, tilt and zoom
  • High-definition, low latency video
  • Light weight one piece construction [3.5kg]
  • Video interrupt warning
  • Internal batteries capable of more than 16 hours of run time

Purpose Designed and Built

Designed with safety and productivity in mind.

The CutoverCam can be used with a grapple or when using chokers

Control console for CutoverCam

Hauler operator has a great view while an excavator feeds the grapple

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