In the forestry industry

Engineering Design Services

Custom engineered solutions

In addition to ATL’s range of products, ATL offers engineering design services.  ATL can provide engineering solutions in the following areas:

  • Purpose-built and configured vision systems including cameras, image processing and data storage
  • Teleoperation and remote control systems
  • Automation and control systems
  • Electronic design, software and mechanical design.


Daniel Lamborn (B.E.)

Daniel has more than 15 years experience as an electronics engineer.  In addition to Daniel’s expertise in teleoperation and vision systems, Daniel’s core capabilities include electronic product design, firmware and software and the design of of autonomous machines.

Paul Milliken (Ph.D., B.E. (hons))

Paul has 20 years experience working as a mechanical and automation engineer.  In addition to Paul’s expertise in teleoperation and vision systems, Paul’s core capabilities are in the areas of control systems and mechanical design.


Phone Paul on +64 21 210 3350 to discuss your requirements.

ATL was created to improve safety and productivity in the forestry industry
through the use of teleoperation and vision systems.
ATL is dedicated to delivering practical solutions for loggers.

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