Improved Safety & Productivity

In the Forestry Industry

Full Teleoperation

The full teleoperation system is designed to allow operation of
machines from the safety and comfort of a remote trailer or cabin.

ATL have the expertise and experience to build a teleoperation system for your machine and your application.

Removing the operator from the hazard zone:

ATL can provide a turn-key teleoperation solution for your machine.  The operator controls the machine from a comfortable seated console, removed from the hazard zone.  Excellent video and audio and a vibration free working environment result in good productivity day in and day out.

Don’t hesitate to contact ATL to discuss your requirements.

Customized for your Machine

Designed with safety and productivity in mind.

The Full Teleoperation trailer on site

Unmanned John Deere 909 Feller Buncher

An application for teleoperation

Touchscreen interface in trailer

Custom made components

Full custom electronics

Realistic machinery simulation

Custom camera and mounts for machinery

ATL was created to improve safety and productivity in the forestry industry
through the use of teleoperation and vision systems.
ATL is dedicated to delivering practical solutions for loggers.

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